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3 Series
The Daavlin 3 Series units are strong, solid and advanced, featuring the most up-to-date technology in the market place.

All 3 Series units have:
Open top.
Two powerful fans for patient comfort.
Doors do not lock allowing patientsí easy exit.
Intuitive user friendly operation with many built in safety features.
Removable floor to aid cleaning.
Discreet observation window affords privacy for the patient, but allows the operator to observe the patient when necessary.
Spacious interior the easily accommodate nearly any sized patient.
Protective guard that provides protection from accidental contact with the lamps.
Power buffering to protect electronic systems.
There are a number of lamp configurations available with the 3 Series to allow you to choose the most economical/efficient cabinet for your practice.
   24 UVB Narrowband (311nm) Lamps.
   48 UVB Narrowband (311nm) Lamps.
   24 UVA (350nm) and 24 UVB Narrowband (311nm) Lamps.
   48 UVA (350nm) Lamps.

Daavlinís 3 Series Phototherapy cabinets are backed by a comprehensive 3 year warranty.  Extended warranty programs are also available for purchase.
3 Series X

Accurate and Reliable
Daavlinís Flex Integrating dosimetry system has a built-in meter which measures energy output in real time as the treatment is progressing.
Dosimetry ensures the delivery of the exact dose, regardless of factors which may influence outputs such as lamp age, room temperature or line voltage.
Power output and lamp age can be displayed at the touch of a button.
For further information please review:
3 Series X Brochure (PDF file)
3 Series Specification Sheet (PDF file)

3 Series PC

Built in treatment protocols allow you to set treatment parameters for each patient.
A system of functional authority allows only designated operators to make treatment decisions that vary from built-in protocols.
An electronic record is kept of the date, time, dosage and length of each treatment, along with the operatorís name.
Patient treatment records and other useful reports can be printed.
Voice announcements advise patients on their treatment progress.
Invisible but highly sophisticated systems ensure safe, reliable delivery of the intended dose.
Messages advise when lamp output is low or when calibration is needed.
All of these features are an integral part of the SmartTouch software. 

3 Series PC utilizes a personal computer with keyboard, mouse and monitor, all of which can be remotely located.  This makes controlling the device from the nursesí station, as an example, convenient and easy.

For further information please review:
3 Series PC Brochure (PDF file)
3 Series Specification Sheet (PDF file)