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Air Disinfection
Australian Ultra Violet Services' Air Disinfection systems are designed to improve air quality in air conditioning duct systems. Our air disinfection systems use UVC rays to reduce or eliminate germs, viruses, moulds and bacteria from ductwork in air conditioning systems, reducing risk of Allergies Legionnaires Disease and other airborne illnesses.

We can design and manufacture units specific to your system, dependant on duct size, air flow and percent disinfection required.

Cost Efficient
Low Maintenance
Lamp Fault Indication
Fitted with an Hour Run Meter
Ultra Violet Germicidal Lamps
No Chemicals

Air is drawn over filter to remove airborne particles that could adhere to the special ultra violet lamps. The filtered air the passes through the germicidal tube bank, these special ultraviolet lamps destroy bacteria and viruses. The air is then passed through the heating/cooling coils and discharged through the duct.
The quantity of UV lamps required is dependant on the volume and velocity of air to be treated.