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Commercial Water Units
Australian Ultra Violet Services produces a range of water purification units for use in commercial/business settings. These units can be used not just to produce clean water for drinking, cleaning and other general uses, but also for utilisation in manufactured products (eg: production of soft drinks or other food products). AUVS units are chemical free, which makes them the perfect choice for potable and waste water applications, as well as for use in production and process lines.

Germ free potable (drinking) water for home, institution, and commercial use.
Bacteria-free food process water without the use of germicides, oxidants, algaecides, or chemical precipitants (particularly applicable where chlorine adversely affects flavour.)
O Brewery, winery, soft drink and water bottling industries where biological purity of water must be retained at all times to ensure product quality.
O Safeguards against spoilage of dairy products as certain psychrophilic bacteria are resistant to chlorine treatment.
O Disinfecting wash water to guard against waterborne bacteria spoilage where vegetables, fruit, meats, fish and other products are washed prior to packaging.
UV disinfection is particularly useful in applications where chlorine free, de-ionised and/or carbon filtered water is extensively used. Unattended carbon filters and ion-exchange tanks act as incubators for bacteria accumulation.
O Electronics industries in conjunction with de-ionised and high purity water systems.
O Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries where strict water treatment standards are necessary for product quality control.
O Sterile water for testing and research work in biological laboratories.
O Hospitals: ultra pure water on demand for maternity and delivery areas, pathology and laboratories.
Industrial pollution control: UV affords an excellent end-treatment for positive protection in waste water control systems.
O Selective use as a tertiary treatment for bacteria destruction after removal of chemicals and other objectionable ingredients.