Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd
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Domestic Water Units
Australia Ultra Violet Services produces a range of water purification units for home/domestic use that provide quality, safe drinking water for family use. AUVS units connect directly to the water supply and plug into a standard domestic power point. AUVS water purification units remove viruses, bacteria, odours and most other impurities, producing high quality potable water without the addition of any chemicals, including chlorine.
CS Series Technical Specifications
Model Lamps LPH Watts Dimensions
W x H x D (mm)
Inlet/Outlet (inches)
CS-450 1 450 14 100 x 390 x 120
CS-1300 1 1300 21 100 x 530 x 120
Note: Units inlet and outlet are male BSP thread. Dimensions shown are indicative only and subject to change.

The CS series units are designed to require minimum maintenance. There are no moving parts and they run continuously at a very low electrical and maintenance cost. To obtain maximum UV intensity the UV lamps require replacement every 12 months.

Optional Extras
Activated Carbon Filter
Pressure Reduction Valve
Cartridge Filtration