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IM Units
Ultra Violet kills bacteria and helps prevent Meat Spoilage. MEAT SPOILAGE COSTS MONEY.

Australian Ultra Violet Services produces ultra violet IM units for the purpose of sterilizing butchers cool rooms and helping give the meat stored an extended storage life. The ultra violet light emitted from the IM unit kills bacteria on the surface of the meat and in the air of the cool room, helping to keep the meat stored fresher for longer.

Additional benefits are:
Eliminates cool room odours.
Ultra violet reduces shrinkage and retains juices.
Sticky, mouldy surfaces are reduced.
Ultra violet reduces costly trimming.
One single lamp IM unit is sufficient to cover approximately 5 square meters, emitting ultra violet rays the kill bacteria on the meats surface and in the air of the cool room. It is important that units be placed in line with the air flow of the cool room with the transformer box protecting the lamp from the direct draught of the cool room's fan.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 825x100x120
Weight (kg) 4.0
Enclosure Stainless Steel
Voltage 240 volts - 50 Hz
Power Consumption (amps) 0.22
Lamp G24T7H & Sleeve
This unit fully complies with standard IEC/EN 60335-1.