Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd
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Industrial Odour Control
Australian Ultra Violet Services produces an odour control unit designed to remove odours from sewer gasses discharged into the atmosphere from sewage pumping stations. Sewage pumping stations can be the source of significant odour problems. Hydrogen Sulphide and ammonia are considered to be the main cause of odour. These odours can be effectively treated using activated oxygen (O3). AUVS uses high quality ozone producing ‘U’ lamps manufactured in Australia.

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel
Fitted with an Hour Run Meter
Lamp Fault Indication
Differential Pressure Gauge
Centrifugal Fan
Disposable Inlet Cartridge Filter
Ultra Violet Lamp Manufactured Ozone
No Chemicals or Activated Carbon
Fresh air is drawn from outside the unit using a PVC or stainless steel fan; the air passes over pre-filter elements to remove air borne particles that could adhere to the special ultraviolet lamps that produce the activated oxygen. The filtered air the passes through the lamp chamber where the special ultraviolet lamps convert the oxygen in the air to activated oxygen. This air/gas mix is then transferred to the wet well to be evenly distributed in the wet well air space. The Ozone content in the activated oxygen reacts with the hydrogen sulphide in the sewer gases converting it to sulphur and water, thereby neutralising the odour. The airspace in the top of the wet well then acts as a mixing/contact chamber, allowing time for the odours to be neutralised. The air is discharged from the wet well via a suitably sized vent stack. The Intake fan is sized to maintain a positive pressure in the wet well at all times. Ozone levels can be measured within very close limits in the vent stack discharge air and lamps switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ as required. All fault parameters can be connected to a SCADA system if required.

The way the AUVS Odour Control system is produced and operates makes it:
Ease of Installation
Cost Efficient
Low Profile
Low Maintenance