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Mark 2 - High Ozone Producing Deodoriser
The Mark 2 New-Air Deodoriser is a wall mounted deodoriser that can effectively destroy bad odours, kill airborne viruses and bacteria, and is effective against cigarette smoke. The Mark 2 New-Air Deodoriser is a bigger unit than the Mark 1 New-Air Deodoriser unit, but still is of reasonable size to fit in most places. The Mark 2 New-Air Deodoriser plugs into a standard power outlet and uses little power to light the ultra violet lamp used to deodorise and kill germs.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 450x80x105
Weight (kg) 1.2
Enclosure Stainless Steel/Colourbond optional
Internal Enclosure Aluminium
Voltage 240 volts - 50 Hz
Power Consumption 20 watts -  0.37 amps
Lamp 20WDL 4 pin
Note: Available to suit the majority of international electrical supplies. 60 Hz products are available on request.