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Mark 6 - Ozone Producing Fan Forced Deodoriser
The Mark 6 Fan Forced New-Air Deodoriser that is designed to be able to be placed on the floor of almost any room and can effectively destroy bad odours, kill airborne viruses and bacteria, and is effective against cigarette smoke. The Mark 6 Fan Forced New-Air Deodoriser draws in air at one end of the unit and passes it over an ultra violet lamp, putting out clean odour-free air from the other end. The Mark 6 Fan Forced New-Air Deodoriser plugs into a standard power outlet and has a handle to make it easy to move the unit from place to place.

Single lamp and twin lamp versions available.

The Mark 6 Fan Forced New-Air Deodoriser is particularly suitable for:
Home and office
Hotel and motel rooms
Caravan parks and cabins
Hospitals and doctors surgeries
Aged care facilities
Veterinary surgeries
Kennels and catteries
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 480x125x125
Weight (kg) 1.62
Enclosure Aluminium
Voltage 240 volts - 50 Hz
Power Consumption Single: 33 watts -  0.16 amps
Twin: 55 watts - 0.29 amps
Lamp Mark 5/6 Lamp
Note: Available to suit the majority of international electrical supplies. 60 Hz products are available on request.