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New-Air Deodorisers
Australian Ultra Violet Services produce a range of units for the purpose of killing odours and airborne germs at home or in the workplace. AUVS New-Air Deodoriser units have a special ultra violet lamp that produces Ozone (O3) in much the same way as in the upper atmosphere. Ozone's strong oxidation potential quickly destroys any odour creating molecules, and reverts back to pure oxygen. Ultra violet light destroys bacteria, mould and viruses which do not build up immunity to ultra violet as they do to chemicals and sprays.

The AUVS New-Air unit comes in a range of units suitable for commercial or home use.

Natural air purification is difficult in modern high density cities due to pollution and living in close proximity, allowing airborne bacteria to travel from person to person. The problem is increased in air conditioned offices. In order to save energy, up to 70% of the air in modern offices is recycled. This ensures minimum heating and cooling costs, however, the air quality suffers. The effect can be seen where one person becomes ill and within days has transmitted the infection to other staff members resulting in absenteeism and production loss. The same effect occurs to a lesser extent at home where bacteria circulating in the air transmit infections to other members of the household.

Product Range

Mark 1 - O3 producing Deodoriser
Mark 6 - O3 producing Fan Forced Deodoriser