Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd
E-Mail: - Telephone: +61 3 9464 3855 - Fax: +61 3 9464 3866
ABN: 47 006 375 097
Australian Ultra Violet Services are committed to providing you with the best possible service/maintenance to keep your phototherapy unit at its peak performance level so you can provide a consistent level of care to your patients. A service includes:
Physical replacement of lamps (where required.)
Complete cleaning of your unit.
Levelling or other adjustments of your unit.
Overall general inspection.
Detailed report.
How we handle a “break-down” event:
Phone support. Most “problems” can be diagnosed and rectified via a phone call where we can give you directions how to fix the problem.
Local personnel. Even though AUVS are based in Melbourne we have developed a network of capable people (usually electricians) around the country that we can call on for assistance.
AUVS visit. If the above attempts do not fix the problem, AUVS technicians will be at your practice as soon as possible.