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UV Water Units
Australian Ultra Violet Service is committed to providing you with the best possible service/maintenance for the UV water treatment units we produce.
Water Purification

A regular service for Water Purification units (P Series, CA Series or other similar units) involves the following:
Check the condition of the water purification unit(s).
Ensure all lamps in the unit(s) are operating properly and replace lamps if necessary.
Check and clean sleeves to ensure water running through the unit gets the maximum exposure to the UV energy.
Ensure all ballasts in the unit are working and replace if necessary.
Check seals for the sleeves and replace if necessary.
During a service the unit will be taken out of service temporarily but water will continue to flow through your system if a bypass has been fitted.
Warning: The main water flow chamber of the water treatment units are highly pressurised and should not be worked on by anyone other than Australian Ultra Violet Service personnel or suitably qualified service people.
Waste Water Treatment

A regular service for Waste Water Treatment systems involves the following:
Check the condition of the UV treatment system, ensure that all parts are operating efficiently.
Clean lamp sleeve or lamp modules with the highest quality cleaning materials.
Checking lamps and sleeves, and replacing lamps and sleeves if necessary.
With water channel systems we will clean out algae and other major inhibitors from the channel.
Replace non-operational parts if necessary.