Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty Ltd
E-Mail: - Telephone: +61 3 9464 3855 - Fax: +61 3 9464 3866
ABN: 47 006 375 097

Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty. Ltd. (AUVS) have been manufacturing, designing and servicing ultra violet equipment in all fields of disinfection, odour control and phototherapy for over 30 years.

The majority of AUVS equipment, including the ultra violet lamps, are manufactured in Melbourne using the highest quality materials.

All aspects of our process, including the use of stainless steel in framework, cylinders and covers, ensure a long lasting product.

Australian Ultra Violet Services Pty. Ltd and our associated company UV Air Pty. Ltd. is wholly Australian owned.

Our associated ultra violet lamp manufacturing company enables the research necessary to achieve excellent results in standard and custom lamp production.

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